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We provide high grade Chlorobenzene, that is an organic chemical compound. Its chemical formula is C6H5Cl. It is a colorless, and extremely flammable liquid. It is widely used as an intermediate chemical in order to produce other chemicals. It is a vital solvent and is used in producing a wide range of commodities such as rubber, herbicides, dyestuffs, and various others. Owing to its purity and optimum quality, we are facing a huge demand for the product. This chemical is packed in an impermeable container that has got the ability to retain the efficacy of the Chlorobenzene for the prolonged duration.
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1-Chloro-3 methoxybenzene

Price: 10-20 USD ($)

1-Chloro-3 methoxybenzene (CAS number 2845-89-8) does not reacts with oxidizing agents and water. Having good stability at room temperature, there will not be any spillage or leakage as we store it in completely closed containers. Still if such situation occurs, the the spill should be absorbed using dry sand.  

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3,4'-Dichlorodiphenyl Ether

Price: 12

The molecular formula of 3,4'-Dichlorodiphenyl Ether is C12H8Cl2O. Varying in appearance, from colourless to light yellow liquid, this chemical compound is applied as an important organic synthetic raw material in various industries. In addition, it is also an excellent intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry, being used in a whole host of pharmaceutical products. Some other uses of this chemical is in perfumes, preparation of soap, synthetic resin, synthetic organic materials and high-temperature organic heat carrier.


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